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Sarathi Baba or Srimad Sarathi Dev Today News

Sarathi Baba or Srimad Sarathi Dev (born Santosh Raul) 

 is a self-proclaimed godman from OdishaIndia, currently under investigation for fraud. On 4 August 2015, a TV channel, Prameya News7, ran a report of him being a charlatan. The channel claimed that he had stayed in a luxury hotel in Hyderabad with a young woman. The report also included images of him wearing a T-shirt and jeans. This triggered widespread protests in the state. He was arrested on 8 August 2015. As of September 2015, the state police is investigating various charges against him.

Sarathi Baba was born as Santosh Raul in Ganjam district. Later, his family moved to Kendrapara district. His father was an electricity meter reader in Mahipala, Kendrapara. He completed his matriculation from Gulnagar High School, Gulnagar, Kendrapara and joined Kendrapara Autonomous College, Kendrapara. He dropped out and worked as an errand boy for a while before leaving town in 1985.

In 1992, he returned and established a small ashram in Barimula on the Kendrapara-Indupur road. He began organising satsangs. He also began performing miracles like materialising vibhuti and dripping honey from his feet. With this, he began attracting large crowds. He claimed to be an avatar of Krishna and asked his young female devotees to serve him as gopis.

Sarathi Baba's relations had not been amicable with the locals. On 12 November 2013, Kendrapara locals had protested by blockading a highway with burning tires. They said the members and visitors of Sarathi Baba's Barimula ashram were encroaching land by using the main road, the cremation ground and grazing fields for parking. In January 2015, locals met the District Collector Pramod Kumar Das and demanded action against Sarathi. They said that he was encroaching land and hiring goons to quieten them. However, an aide of Sarathi said that the locals were merely jealous of his popularity.

 kia kia mahu.. naba hata teka sarathi baba

mahu.. free re debe...au kou mane bibhuti naba semanku be free re 

meliba baba khusi re ferile ( kn aapan mane khusi....)

jou mane khusi semane a post ku shar kara.....

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